Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mile 2511.9ish: alpine tundra

Although the rain and the clouds cleared away by morning, it was still very cold, and all my stuff was still very wet, and therefore, I was miserable with a good view. That's how I know I'm ready to be done- I wake up in the morning to a spectacular array of mountains in riotous fall color, dusted with snow, and I think, "(F), I hope we don't go over there." That and I spent most of yesterday afternoon and this morning not at all "in the moment" but instead, trying to recreate, in detail, the plot and scenes from Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

It was beautiful today though. It looked like blueberry picking in Alaska with plants on 'roids. I was able to appreciate this after two hours of hiking when I finally warmed up and saw that we were not about to hit snowline. We laid out our stuff to dry at lunch, which was semi-effective; though it was sunny, it was also still quite cold, and the saturated forest was steaming itself as it dried.

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