Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mile 2375.8: more stove mishaps

I hiked as fast as I could to avoid night-hiking tonight. It worked! Yay.

At lunch, I had further disasters with the stove. I was really jumpy after last night, but that didn't prevent me from nearly knocking everything down even with my hand on the handle. I also had forgotten that I had my camp towel bunched up inside the fuel-efficiency spring-ring: it smoked, it burnt, and it didn't transfer any heat to my stove.

We ate lunch on a forest-service road, thinking, "yay, flat, sunny, nobody will come through here!" Wrong, so many trucks full of hunters rolled by. One guy pulled over to talk to us, he was super-cute, and his passenger was openly ogling us while we were openly ogling the driver. It made me think, "Maybe we don't bugle, but we're not that much classier than the horny elk we hear multiple times a day."

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