Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mile 2350.1: now be left-handed

Pretty views of Mount Rainier this morning, pretty views all day. Ran into an old man who was completely out of water and wanted to know where the next source was- about five miles south, or about a mile north if he backtracked. I gave him a least a liter of my own. I wish I had seen him backtrack and camp at the lake below, but instead he reached out his bottle for more.

I had to night-hike WELL after dark again. From all the elk I've been interrupting, I've started to sing constantly. Too bad I can't remember many songs, and those I can never remeber the lyrics.

As I was cooking dinner, I accidentally knocked the entire setup down. Luckily, my lentils extinct guished the flame, but as I grabbed the stove to turn off the gas, one of the tines burned a hole into my finger. The whole experience was quite upsetting; I lost my night's dinner, I burnt my finger, and I could have lit the tent on fire. Thanks to low blood sugar and the adrenaline, I was very weepy for the rest of the night.

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