Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mile 2420.6: Seattle resupply, Alpine Lakes

Another hectic, stressful zero day. So many items on the to-do list, so few completed.

Wr took Sweet 16 out to Tacoma to see her brother for some 1-on-1 time before he deploys, she was thoroughly disappointed with the experience. He took a nap and played World of Warcraft, and tried to refuse to do his share of the shuttling back to Seattle. I would have been very hurt and pissed; she said she would have had a better time staying in Seattle with Micro and I.

On the way back from dropping 16 off, Micro and I stopped at Goodwill. She had been giving me a hard time bcause all of my street clothes literally hung off of me. My Carhartts gave me a plumber's crack with no effort. I found a pair of Lucky jeans and a black cotton cardigan. It's exciting, I feel like I look good but not emaciated. It was also nice to wear COTTON!

Micro's dad dropped us off nice and early (leaving early being yet another stressful to-do in Seattle), and at the Chevron, we ran into Nonstop, Maybelline, Sunshine, Paparazzi, Splizzard, Jolly Green Giant, and the Youngbloods, Ghettoblast and Firehose. It was a party!

The climb out of Snoqualmie was not brutal, but it was never-ending. Thankfully, it was not raining, yet. Once we got up to the top of our multi-thousand foot climb: wow! The north Cascades really are imposing, and the Alpine Lakes Wilderness is beautiful. I ceased to enjoy it thoroughly because it started to drizzle, and we had a long, long, LONG daunting rocky traverse around a huge cirque.

I expected to do climb up and over the next available pass once we topped the ridge, but instead, we took switchbacks down for miles.

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