Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mile 2302.8: Knife Edge perfection

That was my coldest night on the trail, and I was wearing my fleece and longjohns. I did mental roll-call whenever I woke up, making sure I heard both of the other girls breathing. We probably weren't at risk of freezing to death in the middle of the night, but that didn't stop me. I woke up so hungry that I had a bagel spread thick with cream cheese, nutella, peanut butter, AND brown sugar. Calories! Only thing missing was mayo.

This morning, I heard the usual sounds of Sweet 16 getting out of her tent at the usual time. They were followed by, "Ohmigod! Ohmigod! Ohmigod! Adams! Rainier!" The sky had cleared overnight, and the rising sun was turning the volcanoes beautiful shades of orange and pink.

Microburst sprung into action. First, she made like a caterpillar over me to look out my side. Then looking out her own side, she got so excited that she let loose one killer of a fart. The timing was perfect as she exclaimed her appreciation too. I ended up laughing so hard I didn't breath through my nose at all: lucky me.

We hiked along the Knife's Edge (trail conditions weren't treacherous, but I'm so happy we didn't try to get across the night before). The views were amazing, incredible, beautiful, better than anything I've seen this entire trip.

We made our ways seperately down to White Pass where Micro's parents were waiting. They took us down to Yakima, where we did laundry, ate steak, resupplied, and slept in hotel beds. So nice, but a very late night.

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