Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mile 2262.4: And God smiled upon my poop

After nearly five months of camping, you'd think I'd be a pro at pooping. Not so. Something usually goes wrong; the soil is difficult to dig through, a good spot is hard to find or get to, my aim is off, there's too much or not enough soil for backfilling, the spot is so perfect, it's already used for another trail/camosite, etc. This morning, I thought I'd found a hidden spot behind a downed-tree's rootball, but then I saw a southbounder clearly walking along the trail, quite within easy sight. I couldn't find my way back from my farther spot, and ended up wandering down the trail in the wrong direction looking for my pack.

All factors combined this afternoon. My spot was easy to get to, but well-hidden by a terrain feature and a curtain of vegetation. The soil was easy to dig through and my aim was on the bullseye. After three to four days of pretty solid rain, the sun came out, warm and shining, very briefly. Within minutes of putting my pack on, it was back to raining.

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