Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mile 2323.3: I don't want to see your penis

I saw a lot of horses and bowhunters today, and despite them all, ran into a mama and baby elk. The most interesting thing to us, however, was running into a fellow through-hiker who had to get off the trail due to really bad knee problems, but has been hop-scotching sections since he recovered. He's a nice guy, likeable too, but that doesn't mean Team Mexico or Bust loves him. He was wearing all long-johns, with no nether support. It was obvious he likes his new-found skinny hiker body, he stood at our table (where we were sitting... crotch at eye level), gyrating his hips with every poit like an Italian uses his hands. It was like a bad accident, we didn't want to look, we knew we wouldn't like what we saw, but with all that swinging and dangling going on, it was hard not to.
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