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Friday, July 9, 2010

Mile 979.7: Benson and Seavey passes, "wind-free sparkling pond"

The guidebook usually describes landmarks very matter of factly, such as "prominent saddle" or "third crossing of Wilson Creek." Occasionally, the descriptions are much more flowery and subjective (objective? I can never remember which is which). This elicits both curiosity and mockery from us.

After a relatively painless trip over Benson Pass and nearly to Seavey Pass, we hit the "wind-free, sparkling lake." It was breezy, but that kept the bugs away, and indeed sparkling. Microburst and Sweet 16 had found a big slab of a rock jutting out into the lake, and with no sign of boys about, we stripped and jumped in.

Well, Microburst and I jumped in, Sweet 16 hemmed and hawed about how gross lakes were and didn't want to go in.
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