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Friday, July 23, 2010

Mile 1143.3: Squaw Valley


Microburst saw a chipmunk today. That's about the only interesting thing that happenned. What is there to write about when I walk about twelve hours a day, mostly alone?

We hiked around/through Squaw Valley Ski Resort over half the day, and we may be camping in the middle of it. It was cool to see the chairlifts all over, pick out ski runs, and Lake Tahoe (I think) in the background. I also liked hiking along the boundaries, seeing markers triple black diamond runs, all the "ski boundary area," "no ski patrol or avalanche control beyond boundary," "unmarked cliffs and avalanche chutes below" signs ten to twelve feet in the air, surrounded by yellow and purple wildflowers, and zero fear of killing myself.

My legs hurt, my knees hurt, my ankles hurt, and my feet hurt. I feel more tired and run ragged than I did starting the trail. Did I really set myself that far back by hitching 50 miles and taking a break from physical activity?

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