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Monday, July 5, 2010

Mile 925.2: Island Pass and depression

I just have to say, I hate this blogspot app. It does no autosave, and occasionally decides I should not be blogging anymore. POOF! Goners. What's really poorly designed is that I cannot easily save it in landscape typing mode, I have to turn it back to portrait. If I accidentally sleepily drop my phone as I rotate it though, that's right, POOF!

In summary:
Maybelline, Nonstop, Sweet 16, Microburst and I all feel an underlying sense of depression. I think it has to do with the High Sierra bein the crux of this trip, we're almost through but not quite, and we're just a third of the way through the hike: still a lot of work ahead.

It reminds me of the Dan Bern song, "Tiger Woods," the lyrics go on about a friend whose one goal in life was to go down on Madonna. Then, at the age of thirty-something, the friend's dream comes true one night in Rome. After that, his life lacks purpose, direction, and meaning. Went down on Madonna too soon.

The PCT was pretty today, we diverged from the JMT for about 14 or so miles. We went over Thousand Island Pass, which is no big deal at 10,200', but still, there was snow to slide over, post hole through, and lose the trail under. I am now tired and will go to sleep now. Paparazzi, Nonstop, Maybelline, Doublecheck, Sweet Jesus, Mr. Badger, Ying Lee, Sweet 16, Microburst, and I are all here, camped between Donahue and Island. It's a legit party!

Tao of the Day:
Filling to fullness is not as good as stopping at the right moment.
Oversharpening a blade causes it's edge to be lost.
Line your home with treasures and you won't be able to defend it.

Amass possessions, establish positions, display your pride:
Soon enough disaster drives you to your knees.

This is the way of heaven: do your work, then quietly step back.

- Typoed on my iPhone

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