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Friday, July 9, 2010

Mile 962.5: losing friends

Ran into Anicca on the way out of Glen Aulin: he hurt his knee (somehow) on Halfdome (outside of the cables). He was getting off the trail to rest and recuperate. A couple miles later, we ran into Badger and Sweet Jesus (The Michigan Boys/Yoopers). They had met a backcountry ranger, realized what they wanted to do with their lives, and only had $250 left. As they walked along, they decided, "Hey, maybe we should get off the trail and pursue our dreams." The two flipped a coin as to whether they'd turn around and hike 12 miles back, or 60something miles further and get off at Sonora Pass. It was heads, they headed back. We were really sad to know we wouldn't be running into them on the trail anymore, and jealous at how relaxed they were about life. As they left, they sang, and we attempted as usual to keep up:

"Well it's the second week of Deer Camp,
and all the boys are here.

We drink, play cards, and shoot the bull,
but we never shoot no deer.

The only time we leave Deer Camp is when we go for beer!"

Sweet Jesus, by the way, has a very sweet shirt. The bottom says, "The Hard Life"

We also heard in Tuolemne Meadows that Abby Normal had gotten off the trail. What keeps us on? What keeps us going? Advance planning? Determination? Luck? Lack of anything better to do?

Hearing the Michigan Boys talk about figuring out what they want to do with their lives made me wonder if I was anywhere near as in touch. My goals decided on-trail for when I return:

1. Buy kitchenaid (using it profusely will not be a problem)
2. Study for, take, and pass GREs
3. Run a marathon in less time than it takes me to hike one
4. Get job
5. Live by myself for the first time in my life
6. Ski Susitna 100

We camped with Guthook, Calorie, and two boys from OSU that had started the trail at the beginning of the Sierra. Although reasonably good looking, two things immediately pissed me off:
-They made sure that everyone knew they were hiking 25 mile days through the Sierra. Good for you. We averaged a measly 13 and enjoyed the scenery. Did you want to make us feel inferior?
-They decided they didn't want to carry as much
food as they had mailed to themselves, and they were trying to give away their reject food. If we didn't take it, they were going to dump it in the river. We felt obligated to take food just to keep food from being dumped in the pristine river, and the reject food included a bag of vanilla chips: grosser than white chocolate chips, and made us all feel sick.

- Typoed on my iPhone

Location:Emerald Bay Rd,South Lake Tahoe,United States

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