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Friday, July 23, 2010

Mile 1097ish: back on the trail


It was nice to stay with family friends in South Lake Tahoe, we did things like go to the beach, watch movies, cook, and play "Big Booty" with the kids. Of course, resupplying, post-officing, driving, and interracting with kids was far more exhausting than I would ever expect. We each got rid of pounds and pounds of stuff, which feels amazing to my back.

I was hard to leave the comforts of society and our warm and generous hosts this morning; even though we were ready by ten, we weren't done chatting in the kitchen and watching Nickelodeon with the kids until one. Patti dropped us off, we started hiking, my foot didn't hurt very much, and in no time we had covered the mike and a half to Echo Lake resort where we saw Pika, Catchup, Jaybird, Drugstore, Linus Cloudbuster, Terrapin, Granite, Snacks, Live Yeast, and Framboise/Raspberry.

We took a three hour beer-and-milkshake break, during which Cloudbuster put on (and adopted as his own) Sweet 16's dayglo-pink skirt, Microburst and I bought Scottish historical fiction romance novels ("Tamed by a Laird" and "Border Lass"), everybody told Drugstore his mock political correctness makes him more of an asshole, and I got writer's block trying to create another installment of Crest of Desire. Frustrated, I ended the page of Dick-in-a-Box references and 'box'/'package' post office wordplay with a rich South Lake Tahoe vacationer inviting the lady back to his place for showers, food, and sex, "She did. They banged. A lot. The end."

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