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Friday, July 30, 2010

Mile 1270.2: Buck's Summit, Chester, Lake Almanor, and vacation

We hiked 15 miles by 1 pm to Buck's Summit to beat Sweet 16's mom there. We chilled on the side of the road like bums until she arrived with snacks and clothes and whisked us off to Chester. Her family has a cabin and a house on Lake Almanor, and Microburst's parents met us in Chester.

We've been chilling there for three full days, eating, drinking, reading, boating, etc. It has been nice. Now we start again at 6, time to push, hard, toward Canada. I admit, I'm feeling less than enthused. I hike now less of the joy of hiking, more to get further toward done.

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1 comment:

  1. Hey!
    Hope things start looking up for you soon, the terrain in OR is nice and smooth and I haven't seen a mosquito in days! (That may change)
    Hope all is well, see you up the trail?
    All the best!