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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mile1850.9: Crater Rim

A quick summary:

We left our campspot within the lodge's landscaping not-as-early as we would have liked. The walk around the rim was beautiful, but knowing that the road around Crater Lake and the trail around the lake intersected at all the lookouts had me tempted to cut a few miles out by hitching. "No, I'll regret it if I do, I'll miss something beautiful." I actually regretted NOT doing it, because the section I was considering skipping didne't view the rim for the most part.

Once away from the rim, the trail was exactly as I had picture Oregon, flat and dry. A guy named Jake had met his dad in Crater Lake. Jake's dad told us allthat he was meeting Jake atthe highway with water- he'd share. We got there, no water. Si we hiked 8 more miles to Thielson creek.

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