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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mile 1748.5: Ashland resupply- new shoes, new pack, new duds

Our zero day in Ashland began wonderfully: we both slept in (Micro til 6, me til 6:45) and Robert made us delicious crepes. The resupply itself went, as usual, to pieces. It took us seven hours to buy shoes, eat a piece of amazing creme brulee cheesecake, fit and exchange my pack, shop at the natural foods co-op, and drive to the closed printing company where I had ordered Half-Mile's maps to be printed. It sucked. I had a breakdown of indecision and hunger at the co-op, Micro was pulled over, got out of it, and then had an angry-yelling breakdown on the drive home (I was scared).

We got off to a later start than intended this morning, as usual due to me taking a long time to do anything. We picked up the printed maps, ran to the grocery store for some forgotten items, dropped our Crater Lake resupply boxes off at the Post Office, and finally were off.

Robert gave us surveyor's tape to tie to our packs because it's hunting season now. Sweet 16 made a bow out of some for her hair. It's huge and ridiculous, I love it. I heard a number of times a sound similar to the elk bugle Robert had played for us: was it hunters, elk, or birds and an overactive imagination?

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