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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mile 1620.0: kinda shitty

-Started poorly: Micro had counted on a seasonal spring flowing where we camped, so I grabbed an extra half liter for her (just in case) from the last reliable creek. In a fit of generosity, I gave her an entire liter when the spring was dry. So I woke up with no water, thirstily looking over to Micro, and the half-full bottle next to her. I had four miles to go before the next reliable source.

-I spent the entire day hungry. I was hungry after breakfast, I was hungry despite my snack, and I forgot to rehydrate my couscous for lunch at the last on-trail water for 15ish miles, so I had to eat my snacks for lunch, and lunch for snacks. Unfortunately, our next on-trail water source was only 3.7 miles before camp: by the time the couscous had soaked up all that water, it'd be dinner time.

-When Micro caught up to me, she started pestering me as to WHY I could go so fast yesterday but not today. It felt like she was accusing me of being lazy and not trying. We made up later, but I was upset for a good part of the morning.

-The trail was rocky, exposed rockiness contouring up and down below ridgelines. I hobbled most of that.

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