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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mile 1536.3: sex, drugs, and Blue angels

Sex: Sweet 16 bought men's deodorant bar soap for our quarter-showers while in Castella. We can all smell like it on ourselves, and really enjoyed the upgrade from smelling like stinky, sweaty men to hot, clean men. As I wandered groggily up the trail, I forgot it was me and thought I was following aforementioned hot, clean man. By now though, I think our clothes all smell foul like hockey gear or whatever.

Drugs: The only ibuprofen available at the store in Castella was Advil PM. I slept like a rock last night, despite trains, but woke up an hour later than usual still completely drugged up.

Blue Angels: Two fighter jets, obiously goofing around somewhat, went over the rige top we were hiking along. They were moving fast enough that the fighter was already past us by the time the sound hit. It was loud, BUT SO COOL! I think I have an inner hick that wants to be indulged with cheap beer and hockey, shooting stuff, going to see airshows, and monster truck rallies.

Today was pretty uneventful, it started with a 14 mile uphill, we ate lunch 2 hours earlier and 5 miles later than intended. But we made our goal miles before dark!

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