Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mile 766.3: Crabtree Meadows 1

Beautiful and easy day today. So nice to take it slow and enjoy the scenery! Some more snow today, it was more a pain in the ass to contend with than any real impediment or danger.

We caught up to the U.P.ers today, and Jack Straw, Abby Normal, and Norway caught up to us. It was like a party at Whitney base camp! (10329 ft)

I can't decide if I'm more excited for climbing Whitney tomorrow, or celebrating Naked Hiker Day. Sounds like Microburst is only good for one mooning photo, but Sweet 16 and I have been talking about it for days! And we've gotten all of the boys excited/nervous about it too.

Sweet Jesus: "But what you don't understand is that snow, and balls, and penises do not make good friends. They don't get along well at all!... No judging." Boys, I have lost a lot of weight on this trip. It's all been from my humps, my lovely lady lumps (in the back and in the front). Not from thighs or stomach. No judging me either.

Tao of the Day:

"The heart of Tao is immortal,
the mysterious fertile mother if us all"
Groovy, I like woman-centric spirituality. It makes far more sense to me.

'Those that
do not live for themselves endure forever
put themselves last find themselves first
hold themselves outside remain at the center
abandon themselves are truly fulfilled'

I think of a very vain person, spending all his time primping and boasting. He has admirers, but no friends. I think of a woman, who throws herself into the relationships she has with her friends and family. She is surrounded by love and happiness, and she too is very happy. Lao Tzu, I'm picking up what you're laying down, and I like it. Implementing it is a whole 'nother question though.

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