Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mile 716: Monache Meadows, mountains at last!

Glad to leave Kennedy Meadows at last. My package never did arrive, and when I was readyto go, one pole was gone. I searched all over, knowing how much I hate hiking asymmetrically, and finally bought Fester's ski poles off of him. Strange how much stuff went missing in Kennedy Meadows: Hasty's $50 guidebook, my pole, Fester's prescription pain meds, and a number of people's packages.

Even though I was way behind Sarah/DayGlo/Sweet16, I stopped at the Kennedy Meadows campground to write my own contribution to Crest of Desire: Space Pants goes skinny dipping, is getting really sensual by herself, and Big Spoon joins her. It was fun to write. I felt dirty, but I laughed and had a good time with it anyways (just as Space Pants did).

After a long climb, we crested a gentle friendly saddle and LO AND BEHOLD, mountains! Snow capped Sierras, to be specific, close enough to hut in the next few days, framed by real trees and a lush alpine meadow. Wow! What wonders worked on the morale. As the sun set, the Kern River looked like molten gold, it was so pretty. Too bad my camera has decided the Sierra is the best place to stop working.

Now we're camped with the U.P.ers ("yoopers" previously the Michigan Boys.) And now's a great chance to explain Sarah's trail name change. When we partied at the Andersons, Sarah partied hardest: she was the one teaching the Michigan Boys drinking games and all. Well, she didn't sleep with us that night, she and one of the boys shared a futon and some body heat (how efficient!) Apparently her dad had told Sneezes that Sarah was only 16 when her parents came to visit her. Sneezes told the Michigan Boys, and the one in particular has been utterly freaked out that he committed some crimes that night. Of course she's 22 and fine and capable of giving her own consent and all, but the Michigan boys didn't know this from mile 475 to 700. So now her name, most fittingly, is Sweet 16.

Tao of the day:
(2) paraphrased
"When value is placed on something or someone, other things are consequently devalued. Opposites define one another."

You can't feel joy without also feeling pain. Accept things as they are and be at peace.
- Typoed on my iPhone

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