Monday, June 7, 2010

Mile 584.6: heaviest packs yet

Coming down the last little bit before tehachapi, we We resupplied in Tehachapi, and got some fantastic packages. Amy sent us a Cosmo that was read cover-to-cover by several people, other girly stuff, and tasty treats. Carmen and I both recieved packages of good food from our parents. Hasty might have hit the jackpot though: three letters, a box full of Pro bars that his mom scored in an amazing sale, and goodies like homemade granola.

Hasty, Carmen, and I hitched in together, we got a ride into town from a student named Amanda. Once she dropped us off, another woman named Leslie saw us on the curb, drove us to the post office, waited while we dealt with and mailed our stuff, and took us back into town to the grocery store. Another woman saw us sorting through the food we had and gave us $10. I explained that we weren't homeless, we were just dirty hikers, but she insisted that we get ourselves a treat.

DayGlo and Brian, meanwhile, had found room with a guy that would let us sleep in his yard and give us a ride in the morning. Dan ended up being really cool and interesting. We took him out for Thai food. We ate family style, and My favorite was chicken panang- looks like I really am my father's daughter.

The hike into and out of Tehachapi was strewn with wind turbines: and wind turbines usually come with wind. It really wore on everyone's morale, but I totally nerded out and got really excited.

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