Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mile 737.6: We're fucked! And other inappropriate language

No, we haven't hit any bad snow yet, just miniscule patches (and I made a miniscule snowman this morning). The reason I'm swearing is that we forgot bug dope. Yup, I forgot that one bonus to the desert is no skeeters. My only skeeter-proof clothing is my rain gear, everything else is fairly skin tight and thin. I think I got about eight bites on my butt today, which isn't bad by Alaskan standards, but they certainly aren't pleasant.

Speaking of pooping, I've known for a while now that wherever I have decided is a good direction to go 'mountaineering' (ice axe doubles as trowel), the trail also decides it wants to go there as well. I made use of this phenomenon today when I accidentally followed a creekside trail rather than the PCT. I dropped my pack, headed for the woods, and... oh, this was where I was supposed to be. Didn't even realize I was lost, but now I'm found!

Chacos v shoes feet, and very girly nails.

Captain Morgan taught us a toast that he used in the army with the mountain something division:

"We're mountaineers
with hairy ears
and we wear leather britches.
We bang our cocks
off stones and rocks
'cuz we're toughed up sons-of-bitches!"

Which we adapted to:

"We're mountaineers
with hairy ears
and we wear leather britches.
We bounce our twats
off snow and rocks
'cuz we're fuckin' bad-ass bitches!"

We began the day at 7820 feet, climbed to 10500 something, dropped back down to 9000, and we're back above 10000 again. I can feel the elevation, I'm running out of breath as I type inside my sleeping bag much faster than usual, of course I'm winded more easily on the climbs, and I get a headache instantly if I'm at all thirsty.

I think of food constantly, and stuffing enough for my ever-bugeoning appetite into a bear barrel is difficult. Two ideas:
Can quinoa with dry milk, nuts, brown sugar, spices, and dry fruit soak overnight into a good breakfast-like substance (in fridge)? Is it more or less calorically dense (both per weight and volume) than disgusting and expensive protein bars and Mom's amazing and missing home made bars?

I've also been trying to think of a lightweight multi-compartment sprouter so I can get something fresh out on the trail. I thought a plastic peanut butter jar, two pieces of rigid mosquito netting in the shape of the inside cross-section of the jar, another in the circular shape of the jar mouth, and a metal jar lid ring that miraculously fits the plastic jar. I'd be happy to do all the cutting, etc, but getting the materials together would be hard. So if anybody looks around and has those things laying around (and maybe some spare scissors too?) I'd love it if you sent them to me c/o General Delivery, South Lake Tahoe, California.

Tao of the day: mostly in my journal, but 3 talks about getting rid of desire and ambition. I feel like if I had no desire or ambition, I would have no motivation, and I would literally do nothing. Too much desire is a bad thing, certainly, but to get rid of all of it

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