Monday, June 7, 2010

Mile 533.8: night hiking at last!

Last night we hiked across the Mojave stretch. It was a good decision to night hike; the seventeen miles consisted of:
Follow concrete covered aqueduct
Follow powerlines
Follow aqueduct some more
The scenery was probably pretty boring, but wastching the moon rise and the silhouettes of Joshua trees was neat. DayGlo kept seeing shooting stars, but even though I was training my eyes on the stars forhe majority of the time, they always occured at the moments I was looking down. I really wanted to see one, so I ended up walking at least a mile holding on to a strap on Hasty's pack like a mama elephant's tail (it worked well once he started navigating rather than stumbling around looking up too). Unfortunately I never saw one.

Since it was pretty much a roadwalk all over again, but this time spiced up by bouts of nervousness and searches for trail markers, we stuck together and tried to talk, but we mostly just plodded on in exhausted silence. I was impressed that I never got very crabby or emotional, but that will probably hit today. This morning, I was already awake and had just gotten back in my sleeping bag from a trowel-stroll when Carmen said my name. "What?!"
I said in a very, very grumpy voice, poking my head out with a scowl on my face. Turns out she knew me all too well and had a camera ready just for that. Today might be a good day to hike alone.

Working backwards...
Yesterday we only hiked 10 miles in the morning and holed up in Hikertown for the heat of the day. It was a very unusual place, it was like a compound with all sorts of old movie sets, and inside each set-building was a bed. We napped. Rumor has it though that the owner is a porn movie producer, but I have my doubts, or at least I justified taking a shower there. It was nice to chill there for the day, we ate hiker food and watched movies.

(508) When we realized we wouldn't be making Hikertown by dark, we called it a night early and played Mad Libs. Hasty wrote a particularly funny one with truly excellent word choice from us girls (read: dirty and inappropriate). It had us all busted up, nearly peeing our pants, clutching our sides, and gasping for air. After reading a very suggestive love poem by Shakespeare on the inside of a Chocolove bar, I think we may start writing dirty poems if mad libs become boring. Anyway, thanks to one of my mad libs, we may have changed our name to Djibouti or Bust. Hasty had earlier asked me "What's the only other country besides Denmark that starts with a D?" and then wrote Jabouti at Hikertown.

574: The Andersons
Completely different from the Sauffleys, absolute party house. Everything and everyone was trashed, I had to take a two hour hammock nap to adjust to the atmosphere. I woke up to hearing DayGlo teaching the Michigan Boys a drinking game. It was impressive, since they seem straight out of a college party frat, but DayGlo kept up with them until two in the morning. I had no idea she had it in her, but she was hurting the next morning for sure. I personally went to bed quite tipsy at the ungodly late hour of 10, after three entire beers a swig of... something.

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