Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mile 158: night hiking


Today felt so good to finally relax! We slept in, Carmen did computer stuff (we'll have stuff up on picasa when we can figure out how to upload photos without the program installed) while I lightened my first aid kit, we hung out with a really fun, injured hiker and ate delicious, healthy food (smoked salmon, avocado, cucumber, bell peppers, and kale) which later gave us in?digestion.

A trail angel by the name of Dave picked us up from the campground and drove us back down to HWY 74 in exchange for the promise that we would pay the favor forward. We hiked for a few miles, feeling absolutely refreshed and definitely happy to be back on the trail, with each other.

We stopped for dinner as the sun set, some miso soup, and freeze-dried beef stew and pasta primavera that Carmen's parents had sent us, which gave us worse gas than our usual constant streamif toots.

We donned our headlamps and set back out on the trail: our first experiment in night hiking. The views of the mountains silhouetted against the sunset were gorgeous, but I spent most of my energy looking out for snakes. Once it was more dark than light, we started getting really scared, namely of snakes, creepy men, or cougars. We rearranged our side pockets to ensure truly immediate bear spray access, and hiked within pole's reach of each other. It was all quite ridiculous, and we laughed about it while looking around nervously.

All in all, we hiked about twenty minutes before deciding it was time to pitch the tent. Finding a spot, of course, was damn near impossible in the dark, so we're now at a wide spot where an old jeep road met up with the PCT, and I'm jumping every time I hear a plane in the distance or the wind plays with the rainfly. I think early morning hiking leads to less paranoia and better sleep than night hiking, although the temperatures were very pleasant.

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