Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Idyllwild resupply

Sorry, I stopped blogging, obviously. Let's see.... To summarize, we stopped and resupplied in Warner Springs with some delicious help from my mom, relaxed, and split a hotel room 5 ways.

It's getting hotter, and it sucks the very will to live out of Carmen and I. We just start earlier and earlier every morning.

I finally joined the blister club with everyone else, and I have a huge one between my pinky toe and the next one on my left foot. It didn't hurt at all when I got it, but now it feels awful. I'm glad to be doing not so many miles while in Idylwild. My left knee is also starting to hurt. I wonder if I'm favoring my left foot and it's making me walk funny. I am very seriously considering from running shoes/flip flops to hiking boots/Chacos. Ankle support, I dream of you! Let's face it, we're not ultralight hikers and I am earning a reputation from my water source paranoia, I carry a lot. I should support myself appropriately.

Okay, time to sleep. There are a lot of detours in this section, so if you see our SPOT track way off the trail and along fire access roads, DON'T PANIC!

I may have a trail name: it started as "Princess Polkadot" when I was whining, then when I found some free crocs today that fit, it became "Polkarella Cinderdots" but it's a huge mouthful and hard to remember, so I shorfenes it to "Polkadot." we decided on a team name too: Mexico or Bust. We can feign confusion every time we run into people who know which way is south.

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  1. Hi there, Polkadot!
    Shucks, you mention your dear old mom's package! Well, I put together another one right away, and it's got an eclectic collection of Granola-hippie and the odd foreign foods...

    Hope your foot/knee gets better soon.
    Lots of Love, MOM