Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mike 320ish: tired from relaxing

Thanks to the promise of a morning soak, the acid yelled, and the distance done yesterday, we got a super late start this morning, and made horrible time the whole way here. Thankfully, we only need to do 15 miles to get to Wrightwood on the expected date.

We contoured along the side of the Deep creek canyon for a long time, u til wereached a very new dam. I was the caboose by a far way, but I nerded out and took pictures of the emmergency spillway, etc.

As it turned out, the dam was actually a dike against a much huger reservoir to protect a community safe I guess.

WhenI got down, Carmen and Hasty had already found a good wide shallow spot to ford the river, and were just waiting for me. We got water after much deliberation and did again few times after.

Avo, Emily, Dagne, and Neon caught up to us at the last creek we figured we'd see in a wjile. We had a good time sharing out campsite with jess and tradeyA, but it started spitting drops and we hadtotemdto tents

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