Sunday, April 18, 2010

Seattle, on the line

Flew into Seattle, we've been getting stuff done. Somehow it seems like the more organized we try to get, the more everything turns into a big mess. The more errands we run, the more we have to run. We have so much to do tomorrow... not excited.

We got some 91% Isopropanol today, and ran a stove-check with it. I've been using HEET, and the problems I encountered were of the "not hot enough" variety: the alcohol seemed to be burning off and leaving the water behind, leaving it more and more diluted as I burnt more and more. Apparently, not a problem with the 91% isopropanol, I thought I was about to permanently disfigure Carmen and I while damaging significant property of John and Patricia. Nothing bad happened, but the flames rose higher and higher...

Do I choke off some of the oxygen supply to make it burn slower and not as hot, and risk letting extremely volatile gases escape without combusting? D0 I allow to burn unrestricted, guaranteeing no gas-leak but risking the combustion will get hotter and hotter, making it go faster and faster, running out of control until it ends in a rubbling alcohol Chernobyl disaster?

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