Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mile 20.8, ADZPCTKO

It was a really rainy hike from the Mexican border to here. Pretty miserable, actually, since both Carmen and I know rain, but we were told by all the guidebooks to not even bother with rain gear in SoCal. So we have rain jackets. Our quick-drying stuff does indeed dry quickly, when given the opportunity to.

The first two nights were cold, but they would have been so much worse with some of the ultralight setups I've seen around the campground. We get jealous - really jealous - of the lighter loads other people are carrying, but guess what? I already owned a reasonably sturdy and reasonably weighted tent and can't afford to buy a new one. Sae with poles, stove, sleeping bag, etc.

It is overwhelming here, there are so many people here who's egos, personalities, or wierdnesses take up more than the usual amount of room that Carmen and I have both clammed up and sought only the comfort of each other's company. We have tried to meet people, but it's so exhausting talking to some of these people! Last night, we met a group of people our own age (you'd think this trail was dominated by twenty-somethings, not so) and by the time we had talked to everybody, we realized every single one of them thought we were a lesbian couple. "Yeah, we're hiking together, yes we share a tent, oh we met in college." The rumor was gently dispelled with a combination of tactful rephrasing and me hitting on various men. All is not yet safe though, there are lots of really strange guys here who I have no interest in ever sharing a tent with, and our combined lack of interest in them, and only for each other may very well reinforce the inaccurate understanding.

Our duo-ness has already gotten commented on, and my favorite trail name possibilities for us are Miss Piggy (me) and Hermit the Frog (Carmen). Carmen doesn't like it though. Other ideas for her include Frumpkin, Frumpette, Stewie, Streganona, Carmenky, and Menkity-menk. Mine include the usual: V-card, Love Donut, and Valkyrie; as well as Kristen, Not My Name, and Bearded Men (Man? I signed the mile 0 register as, "Looking forward to snacking, napping, and bearded men"). We just don't want lame ones, names like this are supposed to reflect some of your less-salient qualities or more embarassing moments, not be flattering. I was told, "If you run into Grey Fox, tell him he's been re-named Beyoncé." Yeah, that's the spirit! Though I would find Valkyrie quite inspirational.

Okay, big day of trail work, seminars, and knee-rest ahead.

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Location:Lake Shore Dr,Campo,United States

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  1. I vote for Valkyrie! Watch out, bearded men...