Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mile 20.8: more off-kicking at Lake Morena

BEAUTIFUL day today, I sincerely hope we get some more of this oh-so pleasant balance between snowing and scorching some more. Unfortunately, it looks like there are two to three more storms rolling into SoCal in the nearish future. Instead of melting, the snow in the upcoming mountain ranges is being insulated with more highly reflective snow. We're getting our ice axes and microspikes sent to Warner Springs rather than Kennedy Meadows and we're considering the detour routes to avoid the crappy stuff if we get in over our heads.

We got up earlier than usual this morning to volunteer along SCA members on a trail crew. Carmen only had to twist my arm a little bit, I came along with minimal complaints. I am glad we did, because we were able to talk to some NORMAL people, who were both fun and chill.

The seminars have been really interesting, the best were on mental health, desert hiking, mountain safety, and pioneer women of the PCT. With my phobia of bears, I drug along Carmen to the bear talk. It was very general and didn't touch hardly what previous training had, but it did introduce us to a rather creepy, and extremely obnoxious man who, between unsolicited comments to the speaker, kept reassuring us that the girl next to him was his daughter. Well duh, you look way to old for her, she shares your build, and you don't look like you can afford a gold-digger. Stop flattering yourself while announcing you're available: I never thought she was your wife, and you're way too old and gross for me.

We also volunteered for the food serving today. Considering the few people who actually managed the event, it went off really well. That being said, a little more management would have helped eager helpers like us actually get things done.

Does anybody know anything about Team Extreme? I think it would be really excellent to have a rallying duo name for celebration and inspiration. Of course, we have no knowledge of anything Team Extreme, but when said with a high-five, it feels good. Who are the folks that are the earth's elements like earth, wind, fire, and water that combine to make a super-power? Who's the shrimpy crazy in the Muppets? Is it the same as the scientist?

Yay, we leave tomorrow. Time for action, not just talking. It'll probably be a really long line of backpackers. This should be interesting.

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