Sunday, October 4, 2009

Computers are more difficult than I expected...

Hey folks,
I have yet to find a power converter for my laptop and a SIM card for my phone. I am using my aunt's computer at the moment, but I have been writing on my own laptop. It sounds like free internet cafe's do exist, but are hard to find. So posting will be rare, but it will happen. It sounds like there has been a lot of bomb threats and general wariness about Oktoberfest this year, so out of respect to the wishes of my kind hosts, I am not going to the event itself, but to some other biergarten. If you hear that Oktoberfest was blown to smithereens, worry for the families of drunken tourists and Germans but not me. If Munich itself is destroyed, that is an entirely different story, I will be sad to go.
Tschus! More postings when I get technology figured out.
P.S. I suck at German.

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